Lamp Holders for Florescent Tubes and LED retrofits

There are 4 basic types of florescent tube lamp holders: G5, G13, FA8 and R17D. Bulbs are shown at the right. G5 and G13 are similar with 2 pins on each end. Note: If you break a holder, it can easily be replaced. 



G13 bipin is the most common holder, used for 4′ T8 and T12 tubes with 2 pins on each end. To insert a tube, you line up the pins with the middle slot, insert and twist 90 degrees. In typical home and older fixtures each pin in the holder is electrically separated called non-shunted. Commercial fixtures typically use shunted (shorted) connectors. More about shunted holders… Purchase non-shunted holders…




T5 bulbs are 5/8″ in diameter and require a smaller G5 bipin holder that is similar to the G13. Shoplight will special order t5 LED replacement tubes, ask for a quote




FA8 is a single large pin holder used for 8′ tubes. You insert the tube by pushing against the spring loaded end. Shoplight offers 8′ tubes with FA8 ends.




R17D is for high output tubes. Like the FA8, it is spring loaded. Shoplight offers 8′ tubes with R17D ends.