Solar Off-Grid

Shoplight Solutions, stocks efficient 24VDC LED strip products that are ideal for homes using solar power because often this voltage is readily available. Rather than convert DC to 120 VAC, just run low voltage wiring to where you need light. You can have brighter light than your pals who are on the grid. Strip can be made into any form factor except a typical A9 bulb, from ceiling panels to hanging lamps to garage lights.

If you have 120VAC lights, you may want to disconnect the wire at the breaker and connect it to your 24VDC supply. If you have 120VAC, our power supplies will be matched to your requirements.

As a standard, we offer efficient, commercial grade strip in bright white and warm white. The hi-lumen, pro-grade version provides even more light per watt. 150 lumens/Watt is available by special order. All of these strips use quality chips with good Color Rendering Index (CRI).

Shoplight Solutions offers standard lengths with leads solder on including 4′, 8′, 12′ and 16′ rolls. Any length up to 32′ can be custom made – just contact us.

We can pre-package the strip into custom length aluminum channel with a diffuser ready for you to mount under a counter, in cabinets or on the ceiling.

We hope that you will comment on this page and challenge us to find useful high efficiency lighting products for solar and off-grid applications. Renewable is the future.