About Shoplight Solutions

Ted Schaefer is the founder of Shoplight Solutions. He is an entrepreneur, engineer, coder, author, CAD expert and DYI handyman with a passion for technology, the environment and specifically lighting. As an engineer, it was obvious that LEDs were the future that would end a life long love-hate relationship with florescent fixtures. Shoplight Solutions represents the confluence of lower LED costs, tireless research for the best products and the recognition that there are millions of florescent fixtures in need of an affordable upgrade.

After 2 years of implementing LED solutions, research and vetting suppliers, Ted launched Shoplight Solutions in August of 2015.

Shoplight Solutions focused first on DIY kits using high quality LED strips with adhesive backing and matched power supplies for retrofitting 4-foot florescent fixtures. This led to an expansion of the product line which now includes high efficiency, affordable, UL and DLC approved fixtures for commercial and industrial applications.

Shoplight Solutions can help you find the optimum solution for your lighting requirements. Please contact us about your project.