Dimming Frustration and 1-10V

The old Triac dimmers for incandescent bulbs just worked. No problems. But, they don’t work on LED or CFL lights although some lower wattage LED bulbs and fixtures are supporting Triac dimming. Recently one of my better suppliers offered Triac dimming on their panels. It read like a switch selectable option. Not so, only 0-10V was stocked – Triac was special order. 

The 0-10V doesn’t dim all the way to off, but stops dimming at 10-20% which is often ok. Full dimming will be available someday. But the worst part is that you have to pay $50+ for a special dimming switch and run 2 extra control wires from the fixture back to the wall switch – not renovation friendly. Or you can spend even more for a remote solution, even voice controlled through Amazon or Google devices. 

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