Warehouse brighter, saves 75% w/ 8′ LEDs

Impression Products, Charleston, WV, is the leader in reconditioned toner cartridges for laser printers. Their warehouse was lit by 2-tube 8′ fixtures. Some of the fixtures had bad ballast, others had aging tubes. Shoplight removed the ballasts and wired directly to the tube holders. After seeing how bright the new LED tube was, they used only one LED T8 tube on each 2-lamp fixture. As you can see below the results were amazing while using about 25% of the electricity. Interestingly, this had a dramatic impact on the moral and productivity of the workers which resulted in better space utilization in a much better organized warehouse.

“We tell everyone about you and your lights and how awesome they are!”
– Impression Products Office Manager.

Shoplight Solutions Services did the installation.

Note: 2 other locations using our 44W 8-foot tubes, placed a second orders with in 2 weeks – happy customers.