Woodworking Shop Upgrade

At first glance, Bob’s shop was well lit by a number of 100W CFL bulbs. The problem was they cast shadows over the equipment where operator stands. This is one of the problems with point lights and fixtures. In the picture you can see the empty sockets on the ceiling. Also the shop has a low ceiling and Bob is well over 6′. These blinding, exposed, bulbs hanging down made the ceiling seem lower.  And, the CFL bulbs would get smashed occasionally when moving long boards.

Using the linear bulb aluminum profile/extrusion with diffuser, we created a custom light that ran the full length of the shop which eliminated 90% of the shadows. Then over each piece of equipment, like the chop saw, we added a second custom light positioned ideally to remove the remaining shadows and provide increased illumination to the cutting area.

The channel and diffuser eliminated the bright spot, pixel effect of bare LED strip which is important on a low ceiling. It also spreads the light more like a florescent tube providing ambient light. Even though the light is bright the channel-diffuser is tiny, only 3/4″ x 3/4″. So with the hanging bulbs removed, the shop seems larger and ceiling taller. We not only doubled the lumens in the shop, but improved the light quality and distribution. These three measures are important for woodworking where fine detail and finishes are required.

Shoplight Solutions developed the solution for Bob and helped install the first “runs”, giving Bob the knowledge and materials to complete the work.

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