Strip News: Warm White Hi-Lumen

Bright White Hi-Lumen, Pro-grade strip has been a great seller. People appreciate the 17% increase in brightness along with the thicker copper and best adhesive. Shoplight Solutions is now stocking the Warm White in the hi-lumen version. It is now an option throughout our store.

Please consider the hi-lumen, pro-grade strip for your next project

We can special order strip up to 150 lumens/Watt, 24VDC. If you are using solar power, then this high level of efficiency is important.

The Color Rendering Index of sun light is 100. Typical florescent bulbs are 50-60. Shoplight Solution LED products range from 70-83. Many applications require high CRI such as art and wood finishing where true color are critical. Studies show that you will feel better with higher CRI light. We can now special order 94 CRI LED strip. The cost is less than you would expect. Contact us for more details