Intro to LEDs Presentation

March 11, 2017 I am giving a presentation for the Woodworkers of Central Ohio – This presentation includes a lot of reference material and graphics. The most woodworkers have shops that need better lighting both in terms of brighter light for tasks, and higher quality of light to see the true colors of the wood and its finishes. Secondly, LEDs are begin integrated into furniture, cabinetry and architecture because LEDS are not constrained to any particular form factor such as an A9 bulb. Small, light, distributed, they fit anywhere. In the presentation, you will see a few examples. Please check it out: WOCO Presentation.

I am available for presentations in Ohio and contiguous states

Strategies In Light 2017, Anaheim, CA

I was fortunate to attend Strategies in Light this year. Great show. Lots of information.  Lots of technical progress. Here are the highlights:

  • Lower cost per lumen, Higher Lumens per Watt, commodification
  • 150 lm/W strip, 180 lm/W T8 tube
  • IoT, POE, Building Data, Sensors – lots of them
  • Smart lighting slow adoption.
  • Highest growth: Horticulture (red, blue, a little white & UV)
  • Highest growth 2: Automotive
  • Traditional form factors, A9 bulbs still good, but obsolete
  • Tunable lighting, circadian rhythm
  • LiFi
  • UV & Hospitals, Blue and Baby Bottles

With LEDs available in any form factor, it’s no longer required to adhere to point sources, like the typical A9 bulb. Light that can be tuned through out the day to match our internal clocks or circadian rhythm can make us more productive, happier, healthier and even help us recover in a hospital. 

You never know who you will meet in one of the workshops. I had the pleasure of working with Neal Taylor a famous LA artist and Gere Kavanaugh an international designer and lighting expert who worked with architect Frank Gehry and also the lighting design for the 1984 LA Olympics.

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