Shoplight Solutions, LLC is dedicated to affordable, energy saving, LED lighting for Industrial, Office and DYI applications. We offer high quality UL/DLC approved fixtures and a wide selection of LED strip and Power Supplies with top notch expertise and service. Many of our offerings have efficiency up to 150 lumens per Watt without a price penalty.

Dear Shoplight Solutions,
I am loving the new lights as they have changed the look in my shop. I am keeping you in mind for further purchases. I have also noticed that even in cold weather they light up better than regular florescent lights. … just very satisfied. Regards Jason

Thanks Jason, we are happy that 1/3 or our business consists of repeat customers. We look forward to your next order. -SS

Step up to LED Lighting Today

The black ends, the bluish light, the ballasts that burn out and cost a fortune, slow warm up, poor cold weather performance, mercury and bulbs that dim quickly over life their time. Florescent fixture maintenance is costly in a business.

Shoplight Solution’s focus on affordability makes your decision to convert to LED lighting an easy one. For businesses the Return On Investment (ROI) can be very attractive, saving both energy and maintenance cost while providing a better quality of light with none of the florescent problems.

Shoplight Solutions Commercial Products

Shoplight Solutions Commercial Products

Our products include just about anything you need, including a 200W high bay light with 28,000 lumens (140 lumens per watt). Our EzCon line will allow you to connect up to 30 fixtures, which is ideal for lower ceilings. We also offer industrial grade LED strip and power supplies for creative applications. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we can get it – just ask.

Does your company have florescent fixtures with 2′, 4′ or 8′ tubes? Our T8 and T5 LED tubes can make a huge difference to work environment and your electrical bill. 

Shoplight Solutions Do-It-Yourself Products

Shoplight Solutions DYI Products

We offer affordable, high quality, LED strip, power supplies and T8 tubes that help you quickly and economically convert existing florescent fixtures to LEDs. The LED strip can be purchased a kit, with a matching power supply, accessories and instructions – no soldering required. The power supplies and rolls of strip can be purchased individually for any type of creative project. Commercial customer also use these products to upgrade their fixtures.

See how easy our kits are to use: Watch this 15 minute florescent fixture conversion by a non-technical, grandmother using two 1-strip kits. Click here

Contact Shoplight Solutions about your lighting requirements today. We are more than happy to help you find an optimum solution.